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Contemporary Communications Consulting is thrilled to be on board
as strategic
digital communications/marketing adviser and
social media manager for Mitch Levenberg, a Brooklyn, New York
short fiction author and poet.

Mitch's  book of short fiction entitled
Principles of Uncertainty and
Other Constants, is a great read and a pleasure to share.

Check out Mitch's new
blog for exclusive content and insights about
writing, memory and life in New York City

Read more.
Contemporary Communications Consulting is proud to have been
working with
Project Green AV, the source for environmental
responsibility for the audiovisual industry since before the site's
launch in June 2008.

CCC provides
comprehensive communications services: site
content; design and editorial for all newsletters; webinars; social
media consulting, including managing a LinkedIn Group of over
1,000 members; and  press and media relations consulting to